Sunday, November 9, 2003

Salmon with Sauce

At some point, my hours spent watching the Iron Chef had to pay off. It was about 10 minutes after I'd shoved the salmon into the oven that I realized I needed to make a tasty sauce for the fish. I wasn't too sure what to do, but I eventually settled on a fruity, honey glaze to offset the lemon and onion I was baking the salmon with.

I started by heating up some butter and a little bit of oil. When the grease was hot enough, I threw in some garlic, ginger and orange rind. Had I shallots, I would have used those too. I let everything fry for a few moments until it started to brown, then I took it off the heat and removed most of the fried up bits leaving only the slightly burnt, flavoured oil.

Once that was done, I put the oil back on the stove and threw in a chopped up apple. I added some brown sugar and a fair bit of honey at this point. I let the apples stew for a few minutes, I wanted to make sure that they were cooked. By this time, much of the water in the apples had thinned out the liquid in the pot. I threw in a bunch of raisins, and an orange. I also had some boiled, left over carrots, so I chopped those up and threw them in too. That was about as fancy as I wanted to make this concoction, so I just let it simmer until the liquid thickened up again.

Voila! A sweet, fruity, slightly burnt and bitter tasting saucy fish glaze.